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Works that always give me courage

I'm Fujiki from sale man!


I like JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.
Especially, I love Part 5 "Golden Wind".
I have watched anime 10 times throughout the series.


When I'm depressed
When faced with a decision
When you want the courage to take another step
At that time, I always remember the lines of the main character Giorno.


『“What is“ preparedness ”? In the wilderness of darkness! It's about paving the way to go! ”』

The main character Giorno and his fellow Mista
When Mista, who was injured all over her body while fighting against the powerful enemy Giaccio, prepared to die
Giorno's words say that readiness isn't about taking responsibility and dying, but about trying to pave the way.

Choosing something means not choosing other options.
You always need to be prepared to accept the results you choose.
Giorno's lines always give me courage when making a "preparation" decision.


Giorno's line goes on at the end:


『Your "preparation" is ... illuminating the "road" with a brighter glow than this climbing Asahi. And we have the "right way to go ..." from now on!』


It is cool!


See you again!


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