「It took me a year to shave off 0.1 second.」 | 福岡市周辺の不動産をお探しなら株式会社 成斗工務店にお任せ下さい。

「It took me a year to shave off 0.1 second.」

Hi,I’m Buwa in the Real estate management department.

The title of this article is a line from "Eyeshield 21" by Hilma.


Hilma is an aloof, intelligent person who seems to be in a management position rather than a player.

Although he is aware that he is not fast enough to beat his rival, who is called a genius, but he keeps on running for a year to reduce the time by only 0.1 second. In the end, he takes the score from his rival.


It was a moment when he proved to himself that even if talent is limited, there is no limit to effort.

It's very cool!!!!

If you are interested, please try reading to  "Eyeshield 21"!

Thank you for reading :)

投稿日:2021/04/29   投稿者:武和