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About strange discoveries in hot springs

I'm Fujiki from sale man!

I discovered a strange habit of hot springs!

I like saunas, so I go to hot springs on holidays.
When I went to a hot spring one Sunday, I noticed when I was sitting on a break chair.

"When everyone takes a bath, go into without hesitation. But when they  sit on a chair, rinse it with hot water. "

Before soaking in the bathtub, soak in hot water naked.
Everyone was sitting in the bathtub, washing the chair with a clean body with hot water, and then everyone was sitting.

Everyone uses it only with a clean body, but everyone puts hot water on the chair to wash it.
I was doing it too, but when you think about it, it's strange, isn't it?

This time it was about a strange habit that I noticed at a hot spring!
See you again!


投稿日:2021/05/23   投稿者:藤木