The routine of After 6 on weekdays | 福岡市周辺の不動産をお探しなら株式会社 成斗工務店にお任せ下さい。

The routine of After 6 on weekdays

I'm Fujiki from sale man!


I will write the routine of After 6 on weekdays.

Go home 19:00
Refresh in the bath


Dinner 19:30
Warm the side dishes and eat.
Communicate with my wife while talking about what happened today.
At the same time, watch anime on Netflix while eating dinner.
I saw the anime Naruto.


Clean up and wash 20:00
The work of washing the dishes and drying the laundry is done by two people.


Studying ・ reading 20:30
Study for the qualification test for residential land and building traders. Or, enjoy a relaxing time while reading.


Preparing to go to bed 21:15


Going to bed 21:30
Going to bed.


Get up 05:00
Get up and start activities!

That was the weekday after 6 routine!


What weekday routine do you all have?
See you again!
Bye bye!!!


投稿日:2021/06/12   投稿者:藤木